Centenario 2010

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Andalusian at stud, Centenario 2010, is registered with IALHA. Centenario was sired by Carthusian stallion Hereje. Centenario was bred by the famous Andalusian ranch "Herradura Andalusians", his bloodlines include, Carthusian, and Yeguada Militar. He has a pretty head that connects to a thick and powerful neck with a long, flowing fairytail-like mane. He has a beautiful trot full of energy.

Foals sired by Centenario can be registered with IALHA

Centenarios sire, Hereje was imported from Mexico. At the IALHA 2003 National Show, Hereje won the "Winner of Get of Sire". Hereje has sired many high quality and value horses at "Herradura Andalusians"

$550 for non-Andalusian mares
$850 for purebred Andalusian mares

*Multiple mare discount available.

Centenario DNA tested negative for: Glycogen Branching Disorder, Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis, Malignant Hyperthermia, Myotonia, Polysaccharide Myopathy and other disorders, for more information contact me. Heterozygous Grey( Aa/EE/G/). Testing was performed by Etalon Diagnostics.

Stud fee includes:

-live cover.

 -if mare does not settle on first attemped she may be rebred thought the breeding season until pregnant.

-Foal registration application filled out with sires information.

-Opportunity to list foal on "For Sale" section.

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